Faith Formation

Parish School of Religion

 With the commitment of the parish community to foster a nurturing environment for children, Holy Redeemer PSR is committed to providing a solid foundation in faith. We want all our children to know that God loves them unconditionally, to come closer to Him through the sacraments and to know Him personally through prayer.

As Catechists, we want to welcome you to our wonderful program! At our parish, we recognize that the needs of families are many and varied and we have tried to keep that in mind while creating our programs. Hopefully, our program will work well for both you and your child. Communication is the key to any successful partnership. We have an open door policy for parents with questions, concerns or problems. Please do not hesitate It is an honor to be allowed to assist and accompany your family on this journey.

We believe, that Faith formation is a matter of nurturing the growth of the seeds of faith sown by the Holy Spirit at the time of baptism. We believe that faith is nurtured through knowledge of our tradition, the experiences of belonging to the community of believers, service to all God's people, and participation in public and private worship and prayer life of the church.

We acknowledge the shared responsibilities of all members of our parish to develop and provide opportunities for continued faith development for the immediate faith community as well as for the wider community.

We believe that faith formation begins with the family, the domestic church, and that parents are the foremost educators of their children.)

We believe that faith development is a lifelong journey in relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord.  

The Religious Education Program at Holy Redeemer is a cumulative program for grades K through 8.  It is not a program that begins and ends with the reception of a particular sacrament.  First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation mark particular moments of Grace in our growth as Christians in the Catholic Church. For more information please contact the rectory at 216-531-3313.  Our program begins in September and runs through the end of April. All are welcome!